Posted on Jun 23, 2020
Rotary Club of Needham Newsletter June 23rd, 2020
Due to the coronavirus pandemic and mandatory social distancing, most of our volunteer opportunities and community support activities have been postponed. In response, we've continued to fund local and international charities. We've continued to meet on Tuesdays at noon. But, to maintain social distancing, our meetings have moved on-line. 
In Our Community:
  • We held our socially distant, pandemic compliant Summer Picnic on Tuesday June 16th (photos below).
  • A plaque was erected (see photo below) at the Tynan School in South Boston acknowledging the outstanding contributions from the Rotary Clubs of Needham and Neponsit Valley, our own Libby Pero and her employer, Capron Lighting and Sound Company, and  Perfect Piece to the creation of the Ambassador Raymond Flynn Sensory Room.
Dan Tibma, Lobsterman
Our President, Dan Tibma (predator photo on the left above; prey on the right), made a Zoom presentation to the club on his pursuit of savory summer dinners. He and Sharon have a Recreational Lobstering License that allows them to place up to 10 traps. The need to service the traps a couple of times per week gives them an excuse to go out on the briny water at the mouth of the South River in Marshfield in their motorboat. The season started strong, they've caught 31 lobsters this year, but an infestation of large, Lions Mane jellyfish has coincided with a reduced haul lately. Dan intends to outfox the jellies by dropping traps in the deeper waters out past where the mouth of the river enters Massachusetts Bay. To deter theft, each licensed boat carries a uniquely painted buoy that matches the buoys marking the location of its traps. The license number is stenciled on the trap. Dan and Sharon also have a Clamming License, but that is a story for another day.
Next Week's Speaker:
Lynn Holmlund, Marketing Director of International Data Group, Inc. on the relocation of IDG's headquarters and 600 jobs to Needham by the shores of Cutler Pond.