Tuesday October 27, 2015
--Special Visioning Meeting at The Needham Sheraton--
Our club had it’s much anticipated ‘Visioning’ meeting on Tuesday night. All customary formalities were put aside, and the District leaders of the ‘Visioning’ exercise took us forward to the month of October in 2018 and said “The President of RI is personally inviting our club to submit our Club for prospective receipt of the ‘Distinguished Club Medallion”. Only 3 such medallions will be awarded worldwide.
Now, tell us why our club should be considered for this exceptional award.
So, in the year 2018, Look back at the last 3 years and tell us the goals that your club strived for and achieved based on the following questions:
  1. Because of the Vision we pursued, our club should be a successful recipient. Our primary goals were:
  2. Because of the size of the club in 2018 (list a target size, given we have 34 members today), and, what are the attributes of the club members now.
  3. Because of the way we now administer the club. What goals did we pursue to achieve?
  4. In Vocational Service, what were the goals we worked to.
  5. In Community Service, what w re the goals which we strived to attain.
  6. In New Generation, we sought the following goals.
  7. In International Service, we chose to pursue the following goals.
  8. Name the 3 fund raising projects and the resulting revenue we targeted.
  9. What were our goals for the Rotary Foundation.
  10. We chose to increase our public image and awareness how.
  11. We increased our leadership development of present and future members and officers how.
For each question and answer, the leaders wrote on a 2’ x 3’ sticky sheet of paper, each answer given by any member of our club. At the end, there were 32 sheets of ‘answers’, which were then pasted on the wall. There must have been 150 to 200 answers on all the sheets. Everyone present was heard, and every answer listed.
The club members then went around putting sticky dots on the goals that each person liked the most. This had the effect of narrowing down the relevant from 15 possible to probably 30 ‘most lliked’ answers.
This was the easy part. Now our club must further review and rank the answers, then implement them, as we see fit.
This was a wonderful exercise to quickly distill what our club wants to do. Some answers were really simple to implement, others will take years.
Rajesh has agreed to transcribe the results of this survey, and to have them for the next Board Meeting on Tuesday November 10. In addition to going to the Board, they will be printed and handed out to all members.
Next, our Needham Visioning team (Consisting of Charles Nelson, Andy Winig, Ryan Damaso, Lois Sockol, Jim Brown) will assist in implementing them, and Glen Davis has volunteered to be the ‘Implementation Czar’).
We are all grateful to the District provided team of facilitators, as they worked very hard with us. They were:
                Lynn Faust         lynn.faust@verizon.net
                Ed King              eking@rotary7910.org
                Laura Spear        laura@spear.net
                Kathy Wilfert      kathy.wilfert@yahoo.com
(All Pictured Below)
It was a very productive and insightful meeting. We all look forward to implementing the changes the membership wants. Stay tuned……