Needham Rotary Club

Tuesday:     March 18, 2014

Location:  ‘Road Trip’ to Wingate for Lunch, and then on to the Needham Nursing Homes to deliver a touch of spring time via Daffodils

Pledge of Allegiance: Led by ‘President Wanna Be’ Rich Forte

Song:  God Bless America; Led By: Ron Sockol

Prayer: Led by Karen Wetmore


  • Many thanks to Wingate for hosting us for lunch!!
  • Many thanks to Roche Brothers for providing the 424 daffodils!
  • Many thanks to Louise and Judy for arranging this event!
  • April first we will meet at the Needham Senior Center in the Heights. No fooling!
  • Reminder, Marty said that starting at the next meeting, he will come to meetings ‘packing’; meaning he will have his camera in hand so we can get head shots for the membership directory which is on line.


  • Andy Winnick, visiting Rotarian from the Arlington Rotary Club who lives in Needham
  • Judy Staszesky. Who is the event coordinator and works in Louise’s office
  • Doug George’s  mother, Mae, who lives at Wingate
  • Chris (aka Christine) Hoffmeister, George’s wife
  • Gary Zellen
  • Libby Pero, waiting to be inducted.

Little Known Fact: So, Tom Savino challenged us tell him who was the actual first President of the United States! And, what street in Boston is named for him, and what beach in California is named for him.

Well, turns out it is Samuel Huntington. He is a signer of the Constitution, and is known for several other political activities as well. Once the Constitution was signed, before the election was held, Samuel was ‘acting President’ till the election took  place.

In fact, Wikipedia says in part: “Samuel Huntington (July 16, 1731 [O.S. July 5, 1731] – January 5, 1796) was a jurist, statesman, and Patriot in the American Revolution from Connecticut. As a delegate to the Continental Congress, he signed the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation. He also served as President of the Continental Congress from 1779 to 1781, chief justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court from 1784 to 1785, and the 18th Governor of Connecticut from 1786 until his death. See

So, Tom’s Grandmother was a ‘Huntington’, thus he is related!

Happy Dollars: Not this week.


50:50:  Not this week.


Joke of the day: None this week

Birthdays: None this week.

Guest Speaker: No speaker per se. Rather, several Rotarians had arrived at Wingate at 11 am to take and manage the 424 daffodils to be distributed to each resident of the 4 nursing homes in Needham:




            -Avery Manor

After our shortened meeting, we split up and each Rotarian went off to deliver a ‘sliver of spring and happiness’ to each and every nursing home resident in Needham. A great community project!

The picture above reminds me of the ‘Flower Children’ of years gone by!

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Future Meeting:  Next Tuesday at the Sheraton

                              Tuesday April 1st at Needham Senior Center