Needham Rotary Club
Tuesday:    December 23, 2014
Location:  Needham Sheraton

Pledge of Allegiance:  Glen Davis
Song:  God Bless America; Led By Our Strolling Guitar Maestro: Bob Cocks
Prayer: Led by Karen Wetmore

•Yes, there will be a meeting next week!
•Ted Shaughnessy reported that Gift of Life’s John Garcia’s return to Ecuador has been delayed, as he needs to be checked some more. This is after 2 months here in Boston.
•The music event is scheduled for Saturday January 31st.,and will feature dual competitions!

Lois reminded us that Temple Beth Shalom’s Project Ezra,  will be providing meals for seniors on Christmas Day for Needham shut ins. Contact Lois if you know of someone in need. Great project!



Happy dollars: Reminder: All of this weeks generous contributions are going to our Sheraton Servers, as our way of thanking them for great service!!!! $35 from our President for each member of our club; $20 Rick Davis, Rich Forte,  Ryan and Bob Cocks; $10  Karen Wetmore, Ted Shaughnessy,  Ken Davis, Chuck Buyer, Andy Sherry;  Louise Condon; Everyone wishes Happy Holidays to all, and all thaks to Erica and Frank for once again hosting a wonderful Holiday Party last week. Thanks Erica!

Birthday: Karen Wetmore. We all sang our best to her!

50/50 drawing: $892 in the pot; and that is where it will stay until someone wins. Kathy had the right number (776), but to no avil.

Joke of the day:

Presidential minute:

Today’s Speaker/Singer: Bob Cocks brought both his guitar and his ukulele. He serenaded us in song and then encouraged us to all sing Christmas Carols. Bob sounded great, and we sounded OK. If we practice every week till next Holiday Season, maybe we can go on the road!

Thanks Bob for being a good sport and leading us on!


Happy Holliday’s To All!!!