Needham Rotary Newsletter
Tuesday September 22, 2015
The meeting was opened by President Rich Forte with the Pledge of Allegiance, George Hoffmeister  led us in America the Beautiful, and Rev. Darrell offered  a prayer.
GUESTS: Our guests today were our speaker, Ms. Janet Britcher, her assistant, Marcia Kimm and Mercedes Long.
DICTIONARIES:  Before the meeting we married the dictionaries with the appropriate student labels and assembled the books by teacher and school.  Bill gave us an update on their distribution and presentation to the students in the third grade around town.  For the first time we are also including St. Joseph’s school.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Louise spoke regarding the Harvest Fair,  October 3, at the Town Hall.
-Rich updated us on the Reality Fair on Monday  October 5 at Needham High School.
-Rich also reminded us regarding the visioning meeting we will have on Tuesday October 27.  in the evening in lieu of a luncheon meeting at he Sheraton. Get it on your calendar!!
-On 9/29 our guests will arrive from England per Karen and will attend the Reality Fair.
-Pancake Breakfast will be on 11/7 with shortened hours.
-District Meetings will be:
-10/14  Membership Forum at the Holiday Inn Boxboro
-10/31  A leadership meeting also at the same Holiday Inn
-11/14  There will be a giving Gala.
-Darrell announced an early October Thanksgiving committee meeting – date later at his church
Darrell:  Kudos to Bill Paulson and Go Pats,Doug:  The pope’s visit, Bill Paulson:  Thanks for the help with the dictionaries, Louise:  Dana Farber Cancer walk in which her granddaughter, a cancer survivor participated, Scott Mc.:  Glad to be back in Needham and his son moved back here also 2 houses away,
Deb and Mercedes:  Happy to help out with the Dictionaries, Ken Davis:  Happy New Year, help with the dictionaries and for the speakers, George H.:  Looking for a refund of last week’s HD’s as his house is back on the market, Chuck Buyer and Jim Brown:  HTBH, Paula:  Welcome to our guests, Tom: Happy for a great beginning of Fall after a nice summer.
50/50:   Chuck bought the lucky ticket but couldn’t pick the ten of spades. $351 in the pot.
The Lawyer
The crime boss and his attorney meet with his accountant.
"Where's the $3 million you embezzled from me?"
demands the gangster.

The accountant is silent.

"Where's my $3 million?" the crime boss shouts.

The lawyer explains, "Sir, the man is deaf. Allow me to translate."
So using sign language, the attorney asks the accountant
about the money, and the message is relayed back
that the accountant knows nothing about it.

Furious, the crime boss pulls out a revolver and puts it to
the deaf accountant's head, screaming at the lawyer,
"Ask him again where my money is!"

"Okay! Okay!" the deaf accountant signs back.
"The money's hidden behind the old toolshed in my back yard."

"What did he say?" demands the enraged crime boss.

The attorney replies, "He says you don't have the guts to
pull the trigger."
Doug dedicated this to Anthony Guardia for his last day, but he didn’t show up.
GUEST SPEAKER: Our speaker, Ms. Janet Britcher, led us on a discussion on Transformational Management.   Business owners need to provide for smooth, successful transitions in management changes.  Her three bullet points for this are Self Reflection, Role Clarity and the Time Line.  We broke up into small groups and discussed some issues we might have had an then discussed them with the entire assembly. See Janet’s web site at