Rotary Club of Needham
Tuesday:  September 16, 2014
Location:  Needham Sheraton

Pledge of Allegiance:  President Glen Davis
Song:  America The Beautiful; Led By: Bob Cocks
Prayer: Led by Lois Sockol


Andrew Sherry, a prospective Rotarian from Middlesex Bank, and long time guest Chas Haberly from the Lakewood Rotary Club in Washington State. George then led us in the Welcome Song.

* The 422 dictionaries for Needham’s 3rd graders have arrived. At 11:30 am tomorrow Tuesday, there will be a ‘labeling bonanza’ at Rotary. All of the dictionaries get special labels for each child, and get separated into boxes for each class in each school. Come early, it is terrific fun!.
* Reminder of the Fall Harvest Fair to be held at the town common this coming Saturday.

Happy Dollars: George and Kris Hoffmeister are about to start a 3 week trip to Spain! Have fun George! Marty’s son has been chosen to be the kicker on his 8th grade football team. Not bad for a boy who had not played football before! Bill Paulson for his daughter Sara, and, a dollar for the opening of the Dog Park in Needham, which he was instrumental in putting together! Louise  ‘Happy Dollar’ trying to generate support for the Stanley Tippet fundraising dinner. Louise has tickets. Let her know if you can go! A number of ‘HTBH’s (Happy to be here).

Lois’s Presidential Minute: Lois worked hard to prepare for this Presidential moment and Glen guessed it quite quickly: Pres. Sam Adams!

50/50 drawing: Andy Wining had the winning number, but not the winning card. The pot stands at $581!!

5 minute Rotarian: no one today.

Joke of the day: no joke

Birthday: No one fessed up today

Guest Speaker: We had committee updates from the:

-Social Committee: October 22 bowling event.
-Public Relations Committee: Marty and his crew are trying to prepare a hand out for the Harvest Fair this coming weekend and had a brief meeting last week.
-Speakers Committee: Ken Davis will update next week when he is at rotary.
-Community Service Committee: Bill Paulson is looking for Community Service ideas.
-Events Committee: Charles Nelson will be holding a committee meeting next week.
-Rotary Foundation Committee: Karen Wetmore will hold a committee meeting shortly.
-Fundraising Committee: Rich Forte will report shortly.
-Grants Committee: Ted Shaughnessy will report shortly.
-Membership Committee: Marty Lindemann will report shortly.