Posted by Kathy Whitney on Aug 27, 2017
Rotary of Needham
Tuesday:  August 22, 2017
Pledge of Allegiance: Ted Shaughnessy
Song:  God Bless America; Led By: Marty Lindeman
Prayer: Led by: Karen Wetmore
Guests: - Sarah Paulson; Jessica Glezellis and David Walsh from Direct Federal Credit Union
. NEW cell phone policy going into effect this week - $10 if Ted is interrupted; $20 if guest speaker is interrupted and $1 from Marty if he is interrupted.  REMEMBER to silence phone when meeting starts.
. Today Ted served last time as president since Marty has been away for the summer. THANK YOU for your service.
. REMINDER no meeting at Sheraton next Tuesday since we will be hosting a cookout for the seniors at the Center at the Heights on Monday at 4:30.  50 people have signed up; Marty and Ted will be chefs du jour; Lois will train to be food runner if we have to use propane grills and cook on asphalt driveway and food needs to be transferred to roof; Roz will ask Kathy Reilly at Briarwood if they would provide lemonade; Roz will provide ice cream from Kindred Living; Capron will provide hamburgers and hot dogs, etc. and karaoke at 5pm.  We should bring side dishes, if we can.
. Libby told us that our original grill purchase had to be returned – it was too small for their needs.  A larger version is being researched-details to follow.  Libby’s husband, Roger, put the new cart together-she felt we should treat him to dinner at New Garden for all his hard work.
.Karen Wetmore gave us an  update on all the school supplies which were donated to the Needham Community Council. Hundreds of dollars of supplies will help Needham students get off on the right foot this year! Well done Karen!!
.Ted reminded us to be ready for September birthday cake; the speaker will be about an orphanage she started in Uganda with 45 children which started as a $75,000 Rotary project.  This meeting will be joint with Watertown.
.Ted told us that Gift of Life started in 1975 with a child from Uganda where the first Center of Excellence has been approved.  Group has helped 31,000 children to date. 
.REMINDER – no meeting at Sheraton on September 12th since we will be having dinner at Ray’s New Garden that evening at 5:30-no charge for member; $20 for guest.
.District has sent out a survey which needs to be completed by February 25th.  PLEASE COMPLETE!
.Next board meeting scheduled for September 13, Bill Paulson’s office at 5:00. All welcome.
.Karen Gaffney will be at our meeting on September 25.  District is looking for district wide service projects.
.Libby reported recent Needham Community Council food drive was very successful.   Karen reported equal success with school supply drive.  She really enjoyed spending the $310 raised and made great use of available sales. 
.Scratch ticket raffle going very well - $8,000 deposited to date.  Get ticket stubs and money to Bill or Marty when available. We will have table at NBA Harvest Fair on 10/7 to sell more. Ted will check to see if we can set up table at liquor store next to Bertucci’s to sell tickets.  SHOUT OUT THANK YOU to Deb and crew at Family Federal for selling so many tickets-you are the best!
Humor: Louise entertained us with 3 jokes.
Rotary moment: Lois told us about president born on August 20 whose grandfather was also president and introduced tariff. Brad had answer: Benjamin Harrison.
Happy dollars: Several members happy to be here; Scott, Jim and especially Ted happy to have Marty back; Ken, Libby and Jim glad for our many guests; Kathy glad to get new Rotary t-shirt; Louise glad to see so many Rotarians;  Marty glad to be back from Leavenworth, WA; Lois wished Sara good luck in Panama; Roz happy for her weekend in Chatham and Bill happy to welcome his daughter, Sara and Direct Federal guests and special thanks to Jim for eclipse glasses.
50/50 drawing: $841 in today’s pot.  Marty had lucky number but luck did not follow him home from WA.
Guest speaker:  None today
Next meeting: Tuesday, September 5 at 12:00 at Needham Sheraton