Posted by Jim Brown on Jul 11, 2017
Rotary Club of Needham
Tuesday:  July 11, 2017
Pledge of Allegiance: VP Bill Paulson
Song:  ‘Oh Beautiful’ led and accompanied by Bob Cocks
Prayer: Led by: Karen Wetmore
Guests: - Bob Dunning, an Honorary member.
.The big announcement was the success of the ‘First Annual Needham Rotary Carnival! Ted will have financial numbers next week. A big hand to our members who spent many hours helping to  put this on!!!
.Reminder, September 12 no noon meeting, dinner at New Garden instead.
.All the money has been raised for the Razia matching grant for the nurses college in Afghanistan
.Bill Paulson announced that we have sold some 600 of the 1000 tickets for the raffle. Only 400 to go!90 of these were sold at the Carnival!
.New District Website: Go to    It looks great!!
.There are no more speakers scheduled for July and August: Who can YOU ask?
.Birthday cake for the July Birthday’s for Brad White and Scotty:
Presidential Moment: Lois talked about the 200th birthday of Henry David Thoreau, who was jailed for objecting to the ‘Poll Tax’, and is famous for his thoughts on Walden Pond.
Humor: This has been a good day for Needham Rotary, as we are all basking in the success of the carnival. However, it has not been a good day for everyone. This is the 41st anniversary of the day Ronald Wayne sold his 10% interest in Apple for $800.00. Today, that same stock is worth $56,065,210,000.!
Happy dollars: Bob Dunning-Great to be here! Scotty for a great time on Nantucket; Greg Cronin-‘Ted Shaughnessy for President!’; Ryan for his vacation on the Cape; Andy for his vacation and the Carnival; Libby, Jim Brown, Ken Davis, Louise, Roz, Bob Cocks, Karen and Tom Savino-For the success and fun of working at the carnival!!!
50/50 drawing:. While no drawing today, the pot is still $715!!
Guest speaker: None: who do you know who can speak? How about a classification talk to two…
Next meeting: Tuesday, July18, 2017 at 12:00 at Needham Sheraton