Needham Rotary Club
Minutes of Meeting Tuesday June 4, 2013
Needham Sheraton

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by President Charles, Ron Sockol led us in “God Bless America”, and
Rev. Darrell led us in the Invocation.

Guests: Our speaker and former Rotary Club Scholarship winner, Mulin Xiong; Gary Zeller; Marty Lindeman, from Seattle.
George led us in the welcome song!

• Next week’s meeting will be at Avery Manor. It is best to park on Highland Ave.
• Also Mr Pizzi was thrilled with the feedback from parents and students regarding the Reality Fair.

Members have said for years: ‘How do I get a Needham Rotary T-Shirt or Polo shirt?’. Everyone would like us all to have a consistent look when we are serving Pancakes or at a Needham Street Fair. Finally, someone has done something about it!!!
Rich Forte has arranged for Polo shirts and T Shirts to be made with Needham Rotary logo on the left chest. (Can you guess who is making them?). Please email Rich at: if you would like to order one or more. The details:

T-SHIRTS: $11.00 each. We as a group need to order a dozen or more of a color for the order to be accepted.
-Specify color: Navy Blue or White
-Specify size: S, M, L, XL

POLO SHIRT: A microfiber material: $32.00 each: no minimum.
-Specify color: Navy Blue or White
-Specify size: S, M, L, XL

So, figure out how many of what size and color and let Rich know! Deadline is June 18th meeting, 10 days from now!!!

GIFT OF LIFE: (The picture on the Newsletter is of 3 GOL children being recieved at the Santa Domingo Rotary Club in the Dominican Republic).
Notes from Ted Shaughnessy about Gift of Life….
Hi all,
See below and attached about 3 recent GOLNE cases.
Elian and Kendy were done in March 2013 at MMC, Portland , ME. Zomaya was done at BCH, Boston in Jan, 2013. Zomaya was also a Downs syndrome case and was hosted by Marc Epstein’s family in Sherborn (Newton Rotary). Marc’s son Paul is Downs case too. It was very interesting and extremely helpful for Zomaya’s Mom.
FYI, Marc’s son Paul will be on the field TONIGHT at Red Sox pre-game ceremonies.
Don’t’ you feel so good right now looking at this report. It truly is a pleasure working with you all to save the children of the world. I love Rotary and GOL….Ted

From: Jordi Gasso []
Sent: Friday, May 31, 2013 10:44 AM
Subject: GOL

This past Tuesday evening we had a very special rotary meeting where we hosted Zomaya Soliman and mom Naty, Kendy Corniel and mom Belkys, and, Elian Gonzalez and mom Yoselin. Their cardiologist, Maritza Lopez, was also present as well as other members of their families. In the enclosed photo you can see Naty using the podium while Dr. Lopez holds Zomaya. All are looking great and Rotarians as well as members of the press got very emotional with presentations.

Thanks to the good friends at GOLNE for giving us back healthy and wonderfully active children.
Regards, Jordi M. Gassó, GOL Santo Domingo

Also, Ted wanted to correct details listed in the last bulletin as follows:
Gift Of Life is a Rotary project. GOL-New England is a project of district 7910 and the sitting DG is automatically on our board of directors. The majority of directors must be active Rotarians and include the current DG. A few non Rotarians are allowed. GOLNE has one non-Rotarian BOD, Barbara Friedman, our Treasurer. In fact all DG (Rich) and DG line (nominee, elect… Doug, Val, Jim) are invited to all our BOD meetings. All GOL chapters around the world are founded by Rotary clubs or districts, usually as a district project and the DG is on the BOD. RI Insurance specifically excludes GOL since they are afraid of the medical exposure but clearly GOL is a Rotary project or they would not need to exclude us. We, GOLNE are a separate corporation but still a project of Rotary District 7910.
Our website is but it’s very old. Bill Rosenthal is graciously rebuilding it and the new site should be up soon.
Thanks for all your support……Ted

There was one belated Birthday Wish. Happy Birthday, Lois!! Again, George led us in Happy Birthday!

50/50 RAFFLE:
Bob Cocks had the winning number (363) but didn’t pick the King of Diamonds. The pot is now up to $49.00.
Happy Dollars:
Bruins win had a lot of support.! Also for great times at the street fair. Jim Brown and Greg Cronin on speaking to Deb Donovan; Scott on a nice boat trip to Ptown; Ron Sokol for his weekly 65th wedding anniversary; Ted for hearing from three of his GOL kids; Ryan and George for their first “mudder” and the rest for the HTBH and summer weather smiles.!

How do you explain the difference between COMPLETE and FINISHED. Samsundar Balgobin, a Guyanese man was the clear winner. Here is his astute answer:
When you marry the right woman, you are COMPLETE. When you marry the wrong woman, you are FINISHED. When the right one catches you with the wrong one, you are COMPLETELY FINISHED.

Doug also has some quotes regarding Memorial Day that were unique and too long to add here. But, showed us the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Our guest speaker was Mulin Xiong as she recounted her first year at Dartmouth. She worked on the school newspaper and informed us at to recent protests on campus. She will be going to Korea in the fall for a semester.