Formal meetings were not held on either date, rather on June 28 a cookout dinner was heled at the home of Rich and Kathleen Forte.  Rich has perfected   hosting Rotary cookouts,  and this year was a perfect example. Rich had moved sine the last cookout, so, this year was complete with a new swimming pool! How great is that! Andy and Carol Wining’s children both enjoyed frolicking in the pool.
This year, Pres. Rich was able to turn over the celebratory cooking utensils to new President Ted Shaughnessy.
Rich, thanks for a great Rotary Year, and Ted, congratulations on your election and the start of your official Rotary year!!
There were fourteen Rotarians, and lots of spouses and friends at the cookout. Much delicious food  ‘right off the grill’ was consumed, and a fun time as had by all!
Thanks Rich and Kathleen!!
Early on the 4th, Rotarians gathered on Great Plain Avenue, and loaded and decked out the truck from Distinctive Fences of Sharon. When it was time to march, the truck was decked out in grand style, thanks to  Joe Quinnan of Hillcrest Gardens!
 Members worked hard planning and executing this event, and it looked like a million bucks! Thanks to Greg Cronin, Rachel, Bill Paulson, Ken Davis, Karen Wetmore, Mercedes from Family Federal,  and to Greg’s son Garrett, and Chris Matthews for driving. Thanks to all who participated!!!
Next week we resume our normal Tuesday noon meetings: hope to see you there!