Rotary Club of Needham
Tuesday, March 21, 2016
Location: Needham Sheraton
President Ted Shaughnessy presiding
Pledge of Allegiance: Ted Shaughnessy
Song: God Bless America led by Bob Cox
Invocation: Lois
No Guests  
We had a short meeting today.

Rotary will be visiting/helping/building beds for the Needham Garden Center on Saturday May 13th. Hold the date aside!
Rotary will be putting on the Reality fair at Needham High school on Monday May 22nd! This is a great event, and requires much cooperation from all Rotarians. Please put this on your calendar as well!!
Today's Activity: Rotarians arrived early at  11am to label the daffodils for delivery to all nursing home residents in Needham: nearly 400 of them!

We had a quick lunch, did the opening of meeting, then closed the meeting so we could break into teams to deliver the flowers!
See you next week…..