Needham Rotary Club
Tuesday:    December 9, 2014
Location:  Needham Sheraton


Pledge of Allegiance:  Glen Davis
Song:  God Bless America; Led By: Ron Sockol
Prayer: Led by Darrell Minnich


•No meeting on December 16th,  as the Holiday Part will be the night before. In addition, we’ll have meetings on December 23rd and 30th.
•.Our Holiday party will be on Monday, December 15th at Erica Bond’s house. don't forget your $20 check for the Needham Community Council!

•Libby in Jail?: Libby talked about her activities of feeding the hungry and homeless in Brockton. ON Thanksgiving day, they fed these folks and the Mayor wanted them out of Brockton, and threatened to have them arrested if they did not leave. Nothing happened. He has assured them they will be arrested the Saturday before Christmasif they continue to feed the hungry and homeless. So, is Libby on here way to jail?

•She is also soliciting donations for a group she works with to provide winter clothing for those who can’t afford it. So, open your check book and send her a check as follows:

Lynn Ministries
c/o Libby Pero
2200 Main St.
Walpole MA 02081


•Salvation Army bell ringing was held last Saturday. Members who participated were: 
-Karen Whitney who started us off with the 8 am shift
-Bob Cocks and Karen Wetmore
-Doug George and Marty Lindemann
-George Hoffmeister and Chuck Buyer (who actually did 2 hours: thanks Chuck!)
-Ted Shaughnessy
 -Charles Nelson and son Cam who did 6 to 7pm

We collected $ 939.15: up 44 % over last year!. It was a wonderful effort by all of our members. Every one who worked the event said how much they felt enriched and humbled by the donations. See you next year!

•  Lois reminded us that Temple Beth Sholam’s Project Ezra,  will be providing meals for seniors on Christmas Day for Needham shut ins. Contact Lois if you know of someone in need. Great project!

•Karen Wetmore let us know that the Carter Memorial Methodist Church in the Heights is having a Messiah sing along on this Sunday at 3 pm. All are welcome!


•Jim Brown was awarded a special RI pin for being the sponsor of Marty Lindeman. You can have one too-just bring in a new member!


Allison Davis, wife of Ken Davis.


Happy dollars:

George: Great to have the 2 ‘Pros’ back: Ken and Allison Davis; great to ring them bells for the Salvation Army; Nice to know that Chuck Buyer and Libby are both NHS ’73 grads. Ken Davis-$% happy to be back and to have his wife accompany him; Doug-Great to see Ken back and in good shape; Darrell-Welcome back Ken, and, Go Pats! Greg-Thanks to Allison for keeping Ken in such good shape, and, Chuck Buyer for creating such a good poster for the Jan 31st Music Event; Bill Paulson-looking forward to his daughter Sarah’s return from Africa tomorrow; Chuck-Great Pat’s game, and, looking forward to Erica’s party; Scotti-Great to have Ken back!

Louise for the lighting of the great blue tree in Needham Center; Kathy-Thanks for the great blue tree lighting; Libby for no snow!!!!Roz-Happy to be here! Roberta ‘Happy Holidays’; Bob Cocks-Great to be here! Ron Sockol for still loving his wife Lois! Jim-Thanks for the Rotary support for the Salvation Army; Marty for Jim Brown’s silly hats and moustache! Ted asking for p rayers for John Garcia from Ecuador who is in surgery as we meet; Glen $2 to have Ken Davis back; Rich Forte for Ken; Karen Wetmore-good time ringing the SA bells; Rick Davis-welcome back brother Ken!!

Ken gave $42.00 to thank everyone for many well wishes!

Birthday: Happy day to Charles Nelson

50/50 drawing: $849 in pot; Charles Nelson had the right number but not the right card. The pot is getting up there. Stay tuned!!

Joke of the day: Doug George recounted how a woman went to the Doctor, worried about her man's temper and threatening manner. The Doctor asks: "What's the problem? The woman says: "Doctor, I don't know what to do. Every time my man comes home drunk, he threatens to slap me around." The Doctor says: "I have a real good cure for that. When he comes home drunk, just take a glass of water and start swishing it in your mouth. Just swish and swish but don't swallow it until he goes to bed and is asleep. Two weeks later the woman comes back to the doctor looking fresh and reborn. The woman says: "Doctor that was a brilliant idea! Every time he came home drunk, I swished with water I swished and swished, and he didn't touch me! How does the water do that? The Doctor says: "The water doesn't do anything - it's keeping your mouth shut that does the trick!


Presidential minute: Lois talked about John Jay, who was the first U.S. Supreme Court Justice. Also, what historical event occurred on this date in 2000 ? The Supreme Court signaled the end of the vote recount in Florida, thus making George Bush President.