Rotary Club of Needham

Tuesday December 17, 2013

Location: Sheraton, Needham

Pledge of Allegiance: Charles

Song: America, Led by Ron

Invocation: Reverend Darrell


  • Greg and Rachel confirmed the Music Event is set for Saturday, January 25th from 6-10 pm.  10 groups have confirmed to play.  Tickets are going to print today and will be distributed within the next two weeks.  Sell, Sell, SELL!!!
  • NO Meeting for the next two weeks.  Our next meeting is January 7, 2014!


  • Michelle Buyer (daughter of Chuck Buyer, back from school for the winter break)

Happy $$$: 

-A bunch of happy holiday,

-THANKS to Erica and Frank to hosting the Rotary Holiday party

-Bill Paulson for daughter Sarah going to Wesleyan!

--Recognition of the staff of the Sheraton,We raised $218 for the staff of the Sheraton at lunch today as a “Thank You for a job well done”.


50:50: Karen had a chance, but did not pull the lucky card (better luck with MegaMillions tonight).  Pot stands at $309!


Joke of the day:

Humor was shared by George and Doug and we all learned something from Lois about President Wilson.  Stay tuned for weekly learning about our presidents


Guest Speakers:

Harvey Leonard was scheduled to speak, but was ‘grounded’ due to the snow. He will be rescheduled.


**NEXT MEETING: Tuesday January 7, 2014. Don’t forget!!**