Needham Sheraton Hotel

January 14, 2014

The meeting was called to order by our President, Glen Davis and he led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ron helped up sing “God Bless America” and Darrell prayed for the blessing.


Libby Pero from Capron Lighting;; Peter Cullen who is a mortgage broker from Dedham and a 2008 NHS grad;  And our guest speakers, Lisa Funaro and Paul Deletetsky, of Mass. Adoption Resource Agency.

Birthday wishes: No one was willing to fess up.

Happy Dollars:

Lots of Happy Dollars for our Guests (above), the Pats and for the memory of Larry Whetmore.

50/50  The number was 862 and Charles won.  He donated the money to offset the extra Janitorial expenses of the upcoming Music Event. A wonderful donation and gesture: thanks Charles!!



Greg passed around the poster paste-up for the Music program which is to be held on 1/25/14 at 8 PM. 

Lois gave us the presidential moment.  She presented (obscurely) President McKinley.


Greg gave us some one liners:  A backward poet writes inverse;

Show me a piano falling down a mineshaft and I’ll show you A-flat minor;

Acupuncture is a jab well done.

Now Doug tried:

Dracula decides to carry some sort of a competition to see which is the finest bat to stand on his side. The rules were simple. The bat who drinks the most blood would be the winter. He selects his three top bats to compete.

So the first bat goes and comes back after 10 minutes. Her mouth was full of blood. Dracula says: "Congratulations, how did you do that?" The bat said: "Do you see that tower? Behind it there is a house. I went in and sucked the blood of all the family."

"Very good," says Dracula.

The second bat goes and comes back after 5 minutes all her face covered in blood. Dracula astonished says, "How did you do that?" The bat replies, "Do you see that tower? Behind it there is a school. I went in and drunk the blood of all the children."

"Impressive," Dracula replies.

Now the third bat goes and comes back after three minutes literally covered in blood from top to toe.

Dracula is stunned. "How on earth did you do that????" he asked.

And the bat replies. "Do you see that tower?"

Dracula replies, "Yes."

And the bat says, "Well, I didn't."


Lisa Funaro and Paul Deletetsky represented MARE (Mass Adoption Resource Exchange).  They gave us a very complete update on adoption and the successes that they have had.  The have fund raisers, Golf Tournaments, and sponsors like Jordan’s Furniture that help them in their cause.  The adoptive parents are offered support programs and sometimes financial and medical help.  They also save the Common wealth a lot of money.   Thanks to both of you for all the good work you do.