SNOW, SNOW AND MORE SNOW is the theme for February!  


Get your gaiters, tall boots and snowshoes out!  We're up to our hips in the white stuff and it's being piled in Needham over our heads!

In spite of the snow, we WILL meet on Tuesday, Feb 10th according to a now healthy President Glen!   Our program will be presented by a group of Needham High School folks who had created a project in Guatemala to construct a new school for a very needy community.

Our Meeting on Feb 3rd:

In spite of the snow, our luncheon on Feb 3rd was held at the Sheraton and was hosted by Rich Forte (due to Glen's illness).  As a special treat, we had the Rotary Club of Newton join us for lunch.  They gave a special presentation on a new international project they are sponsoring in Agra, India, near the world heritage site of the Taj Mahal.  They are attempting to work with local Agra residents to help create on-going clean up projects to help make Agra a more inviting tourist destination.  The project was started by Erin White, the daughter of a Newton Rotarian.  Erin was murdered in the streets of Agra last year by a deranged man.  Her father has pledged to continue her work there.


We also witnessed the pay off of the Superbowl bet between Marty and Rich!   The LOSING Seahawk fan got down on one knee giving tribute to the Patriots and gave Rich his green beads and handed over a $20 bill to Rich to be donated to the Needham Rotary Club service fund.  But Marty claims the Seahawks now own one "Superbowl record."   They will be known forever for the "worse play call in the history of the Superbowl."



Our Program for Feb. 3rd:

Thanks goes to our visitors, the Rotary Club of Newton, because they brought the program for the day.  Chef Tony Carbone from Urban Epicurian in Newton spoke to us about his business and the process of being an entrepreneur in today’s economy.
He left a promising career in the management of radio stations which was often not fulfilling in order to become a home chef for hire.   He outlined how he has followed his passion while taking advantage of new opportunities  each month to expand his business.  Each week he comes to busy clients homes and prepares fresh dinner entrees using organic, allergen-free and fresh ingredients which are then cooked by the client and according to the client’s family schedule.  For around $350-$400 a family of four (or so) gets a planned work week of multi-course, wholesome evening meals.
Other News:
• We just got word from Micky Welling, widow of Bob Welling, that her son Rich Stone just died.  Her husband, Bob Welling, was our former member who passed away last year (and who held most offices in the club over the years).
To send condolences, her address is:

3687 Exuma Way, Naples FL 34119

• More news of our very successful 2nd Annual Music Competition will be sent separately!