Image**Needham Rotary Club**
Meeting held Tuesday August 19, 2014
Location: Sheraton, Needham

Pledge of Allegiance: President Glen
Song: America Led by Ryan
Invocation: Led by ‘Father ’Marty

* Louise Condon is selling tickets to the Tippett House 20 Year Anniversary dinner to be held at the Needham Golf Club on Saturday Sept. 26, tickets $60.00 each.
* The Pancake Committee has met and are charging ahead! The breakfast will be at Needham High School on November 1-Mark your calendars!. 


Happy Dollars: Lots of ‘Happy to be here’; Scotti for a trip to Iceland; George for visiting his Mom in Virginia Beach; Andy for going to see the Sox tonight; Marty $5 for a great vacation at his summer home in Washington State, and for surviving the ‘breaking up the fighting dogs routine; Kathy for the great summer weather; Louise Condon reminds all ‘to smile!!!’. Great advice!!

Guests: Michelle Buyer, again visiting with her Dad.

50/50: Scotti had the number, but not the card. Pot is at $480!

Birthdays: None anyone would admit to.

Humor: While a joke was attempted, it was not funny!

Guest Speaker: President Glen revealed to us the committee assignments for the year. He will publish them by email. Thanks for all willing to serve on these committees. If everyone works hard on these committees, our club will make great progress.

If you want to be added to another committee or do not want to be one you are assigned to, please let Glen know.