Posted by Jim Brown on Sep 05, 2017
Rotary of Needham
Tuesday:  September 5, 2017
Pledge of Allegiance: Ted Shaughnessy
Song:  God Bless America; Led By our Maestro Bob Cocks
Prayer: Led by: Karen Wetmore
Guests: - Members of the Watertown Rotary Club, Betty Namuddu and Michael Balliddaw, both prospective members of Waltham members, both of whom are from Uganda.
.We welcomed out friendly guests from Watertown, and had Birthday Cake to celebrate our September birthday folks birthdays with a song and some cake:
.Well, our cookout at the Needham Senior Center went very well. There were many guests there, while the following cooked the food: Brad, Ted and Marty. In addition, many others helped prepare and execute the event: Kathy Whitney, Louise Condon, Rachel, Greg, Bill Paulson. The report is that all went well, and fun (including singing) was had by all.
.Libby really organized the event from the beginning, and her employer Capron Lighting, funded the food and the DJ.
. Additionally, the Senior Center and Libby are working on getting the new electric grill installed on to the roof of the Senior Center. The first one ordered was too small, so they are having the new larger one sized and installed: Many thanks to all who helped!!!
.While not all the invoices have been received, at this moment Ted tells us the Carnival raised some $13,000, Plans are underway for next year, hoping to expand it by one more night. Thanks Ted!!!
.Charles is the ‘main m an’ on rotary  ‘Rotarian at Work’ tee shirts. If you have not received one, see Charles!!
. Bill Paulson reported that we have sold $8130 of raffle tickets. Translated, this means we need to sell 187 more to meet our goal. Have at it!!! Please note that our friends from Watertown bought $300 worth. Let’s hope they win!! So, we will draw the winning ticket at the Pancake Breakfast on November 4, unless we sell out earlier.
.REMINDER – no meeting at Sheraton on Tuesday September 12th since we will be having dinner at Ray’s New Garden the Monday night before evening at 5:30-no charge for members.$20 for guest.
.Next board meeting scheduled for September 13, Bill Paulson’s office at 5:00. All welcome.
.Karen Gaffney will be at our meeting on September 25.  District is looking for district wide service projects.
Rotary moment: Lois told us about President Howard Taft, who was the Heftiest President of all times at 340 pounds..
Happy dollars: Paul Dumochel-Welcome to all our guests; Chuck-Happy his wife had successful surgery; Ted Shaughnessy-Welcome to Watertown and Marty and the new BOD; Scotti-Happy to celebrate his anniversary over the weekend; Bob Cocks and Charles-Great to be here; Libby, Louise-for our guests; President Lilia from Watertown Rotary-thank you for hosting the Watertown Club this week!- Tom Savino-2 great weeks on the shores on New Jersey:off the grid!-Lois for the engagement of granddaughter; Karen-for many rotary meetings. Jim Brown for selling his business and retiring; Marty $20 for Jim to join the ranks of the retired!
50/50 drawing: $841 in today’s pot.  Marty had lucky number but luck did not follow him home from WA.
Guest speaker:  We were delighted to welcome Amy Garst, and Robert Fleming of the Malayaka House, a children’s orphanage he founded in Ugandan in 2005. In that year, Robert was visiting Africa in an effort to assist in the devastation caused by the Sudanese crisis. In the process, he found himself with a Ugandan baby boy, who was born to a woman who Robert was trying to assist.  Adoption is not very common in Uganda, because of it’s lack of wealth. Everyone is trying to fend for themselves. Robert detailed how he became the one turned too when they had no other place to send abandoned babies. Next thing he knows, he has 50 children! Since that time he has spent his full time supporting and raising money to support these children.
Uganda is quite poor. 83% of the people under age 30 are unemployed. 20% of the children under 5 die from Malaria. This is a very difficult situation, and Robert is doing immense wonders over there. He has been awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship (Rotary’s Highest Award).
We perform good acts around the world. Take a look at this web site:
Now, are we doing enough?
Next meeting: Monday, September 11 at 5:30 p for Dinner at the New Garden Chinesse Restaurant. No meeting on Tuesday!