Posted on Apr 21, 2020
Rotary Club of Needham Newsletter April 21st, 2020
Due to the coronavirus pandemic and mandatory social distancing, most of our volunteer opportunities and community support activities have been postponed. In response, we've continued to fund local and international charities. We've maintained our regular club meetings on Tuesdays at noon. But, to keep everyone safe, our meetings have moved on-line.
In the Community
Last Friday, partnering with One Needham, which -since the onset of the pandemic- brings together local restaurants and local supporters, Needham Rotary sponsored a meal from Brothers Pizza for Needham's first-line responders.
Thanks to Libby and Roger Pero, Needham Rotary's donated hygienic supplies were transported from Capron Lighting and Sound, where they had been stored since the onset of the pandemic, to Circle of Hope, who distributed the supplies to seven shelters for use.
Surviving Quarantine Speakers: 1.) Dr. Lisa Kane, Dental Office Compliance of New England LLC (photo left) and 2.) Tamara Luck, Licensed Dietician/Nutritionist (photo right)
After serving as a practicing dentist for 20 years, Dr Kane now observes, evaluates and trains dental practices for compliance with infection control, OSHA, CDC and privacy regulations. Against the current backdrop that requires people to wear face masks when out in public due to the COVID 19 pandemic, she spoke to us about the proper use of face masks. She reminded us that we can be infected with COVID19, but not exhibit any symptoms for up to 14 days. Also, because there's a shortage of personal protective equipment, the good masks (N95) are reserved for medical professionals,  so wearing a home-made mask is as much about protecting others from your exhalations as vice-versa.
Putting on a mask:
1) Wash your hands (min 20 seconds).
2) Stretch the mask over your face, covering your nose and mouth.
3) Think of the mask as contaminated (never push it under your chin, thinking that you'll pull it back up again).
4) Take the mask off by the ear loops without touching your eyes, nose or mouth.
5) Throw it out immediately after use.
6) Wash your hands.
Once the masks are wet or after an hour's use, they become ineffective. There was extensive discussion of different types of home made masks and how to clean and disinfect them for re-use. Best to clean them in the clothes washer. For more information from Dr. Kane:
Tamara Luck is a licensed dietitian with Needham's Birds Hill Compounding Pharmacy and Waltham's Johnson Compounding Pharmacy. There, she consults with clients to develop personalized nutrition and lifestyle changes to become and stay healthy. Her comments were focused on healthy living and stress reduction during the coronavirus quarantine. First, she discussed bolstering our immune systems with anti-inflammatory foods, like: 
  • dark leafy vegetables (Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, sauerkraut, spinach)
  • berries
  • omega 3 fats (salmon, tuna {"Safe Catch" brand tuna is low in mercury})
  • vitamin C (oranges, red peppers, strawberries, kohlrabi)
  • zinc (pumpkin seeds, oysters)
  • magnesium (supplements).
We talked about changing lifestyle to reduce stress:
  • Get outside: sunlight supports the immune system with vitamin D.
  • Calming foods: lavender and chamomile teas, dark chocolate (has magnesium).
  • Sleep well: melatonin, box breathing (4 deep inhales, 4 breaths held, 4 deep exhales), shut off phones and computers, write in your journal.
There was lively discussion about how our menus could change to incorporate healthier ingredients. For more information on healthy diet and lifestyle: Both presentations were recorded:Share recording with viewers:
Next Week's Speaker (4/28/20): Chef Mike Fucci
They say one of the hardest businesses to start is a restaurant.  Mike Fucci, of Needham’s Chef Mike’s restaurant, has started a restaurant business here in Needham and on top of the normal challenges of the industry he is now having to deal with the impact of COVID-19.  Hear from Mike about his background, some of the challenges he has faced, the creative ways he is working to keep his business alive, and the amazing people that have come out of nowhere to help.