Welcome to our new honorary member, Holly Brown!

Volunteer Opportunities
Erecting the High Tunnel at Needham Community Farm
Saturday 9/14 10:00-1:00
Sunday 9/15 1:00-4:00
Harvest Fair
Sun 10/6 10:00-4:00
Dictionary Labeling and Distribution
TBD (late Sept)
Pancake Breakfast
Sat 11/2
In the Community
The frame for the high tunnel at Needham Community Farm was erected on Saturday 9/7. The remainder of the structure and the skin will be stretched over the frame this coming Saturday and Sunday 9/14 and 9/15. The high tunnel extends the growing season by two months.
Carol Fassino of Fair Trade Caravans educates local students about the lives of farmers living in Africa, Asia and South America, who grow commodities like: coffee, tea, and cacao. These small, rural farmers lack the clout and information to receive a fair price for their commodities.Her organization's "Fair Trade Certified" label provides the consumer the following knowledge:
1) the farmer was paid a fair price,
2) no child labor was used, and 
3) sustainable practices were encouraged.
Fair Trade Caravans sells over 80 products in special orders that are taken after speaking at schools. Schools receive 25% of revenue from the orders.