July 14, 2024
We started this Tuesday's meeting with Pres. Rich leading us in the Pledge of Alegiance, Bob Cocks leading us in 'God Bless America', and Darrell providing the invocation.
GUESTS: Our guests were Mike Dowling, Brian Ashmankas and Thisha Morse (a Cohasset Rotarian), all from Boston Olympics 2024, and Ross Atkin, a Needham resident who is a retired sports writer from The Christian Science Monitor, and guest of Jim Brown, who was attracted to this week's Rotary meeting through an article in the newspaper. Ryan led us in a our 'Welcoming Song', which everyone enjoyed.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Louise passed around a picture of the Condon Realty float, which won the Grand Prize at the 4th of July parade! Congratulation Louise!!
JOKE: Louise also shared a jok entitled: "Speak Lord, for your servant is listening" (1 Sam 3:(): Jerry was very concerned about his wife as he thought she was loosing her hearing due to aging. So, one day he stood behind her and said "Mary, can I get you anything?" Noticing no reaction from her, he moved a little closer and repeated a little louder "Mary, can I get you anything?" Still no answer. so, Jerry moved mush closer and said in a much louder voice "Mary, can I get you anything?" Turning towards Jerry and looking annoyed, Mary replied "Jerry, I've said NO three times!!".
PRESIDENTIAL MINUTE: Lois told us about the only President who was born on July 14th, and was the only President who had served as VP and President without the benefit of election by the Electoral College. Who was it? The 38th President of the United States, Gerald Ford!
HAPPY DOLLARS: Erica was delighted to drop off two of her children at camp, and can't wait for the third child to go to camp in several weeks! Ryan gave a Happy Dollar for Mike Dowling, who was his bowling partner at a benefit one time.
BOSTON OLYMPICS 2024: Brian Mike and Trish all addressed the club about the upcoming Boston 2024 Olympics. This has been a very exciting time for Boston and the Olympics, but, if there is not more support, then the Olympic Organizing Committee here in Boston will not go forward with their bid. So, they are out drumming up support for the games. Mike delivered a wonderful slide show (which can be seen at ), detailing the changes which will occur.
Mike said this is now known as the 'Transit Games' versus 'The Waling Games' when first presented. There will be venues all over the state, but the majority in Boston and close suburbs. The basketball event will be held in New York City.
They also noted that the Paralympics will follow the Olympics by some 2 weeks, using the same facilities as the Olympics.
Boston Olympics 2024 is really working to raise public awareness and if your group wants representatives to speak, just contact them.