Bulletin of Kerry Healey's visit to Needham Rotary
Rotary Club of Needham
Tuesday:    June 2, 2015
Pledge of Allegiance:  Glen Davis
Song:  God Bless America; Led By: Bob Cocks
Prayer: Led by Darrell Minnich
. Anthony Guardia, BID Needham, plus, Newton Rotary was visiting today as well.
Happy Dollars: Rick Davis-Welcome to Kerry Healy; Jim Brown, Libby, Scotti;  Erica, Louise, Paula Kahr, Darrell, Marie;-Welcome to all our guests!;  Roz-HTBH; Chuck Buyer-HTBH; Doug George-Happy Birthday to his son; Bill Paulson-Nice to return after 6 weeks of training
Birthday: None today
50/50 drawing: Doug George had winning number but no luck with card
Joke of the Day: Thanks to Doug:
A female business executive who was late for a meeting was traveling at 65 mph on a street where the speed limit was 40 mph.
She was pulled over by a policeman who says “Ma’am, may I have your license pleas”. She replies “I’m sorry office, but it was revoked 2 years ago for drunk driving”.
His brow furrows and then straightens up and says “Well, may I have your registration please?”. To which she responds: “I stole the car, killed the driver, and he is in the trunk”.
He mutters into his walkie talkie and instantly half of the towns police department surrounds her car, and the Chief of Police walks over to the woman’s window and says : “Ma’am, can I see your license?” She responds: “Of course officer” she smiles demurely and pulls her license out.
He squints warily at it and says “This looks legitimate. Can I see your registration?” Again, she pulls it out and hands it to the officer.
He then says: “Ma’am, stand back” ass he bangs open the trunk of the car and flinches, but, it is completely empty.  The woman brandishes a finger at the first cop and says accusingly, “And I’ll bet that liar told you I was speeding too!!”.
Guest Speaker:  We were fortunate to have with us Dr. Kerry Healey, President of Babson College. Kerry is best known for being Lt. Governor with Gov. Romney.
She is a former Rotary Scholar, having gone to Trinity University in the UK where she earned her PhD, and met her husband, also a Rotary Scholar.
Kerry earned her undergraduate degree at Harvard University.
Dr. Healey gave us an overview of Babson, noting that they have been named the ‘Best Entrepreneurial Program in the country  by U.S. News and World Report for the last 22 year! Wow!
Kerry is also very proud of her program to bring in 10 students to Babson from other parts of the world who would never have been able to attend college anywhere, never mind in the USA. She states this cost $300 per student for the entire 4 years. This is a program which she started and continues with today. What a great program to promote world understanding!
Dr. Healey is a world class person and you can be sure she has many more great plans for the future.
NOTE: Next Meeting:  Tuesday, June 9, 2015: Our 2015 Scholarship Winners!!!