Posted by Andrew Winig on May 31, 2018
What’s it really like to be an adult?
On Tuesday morning, 5/29/18, 30 Rotarian and non-Rotarian volunteers helped provide a dose of reality to 400 Needham High School Juniors.
It’s called the Reality Fair.
Students received a career and a salary, then go about the very adult business of renting apartments, turning on utilities, stocking their fridge, buying a car, getting their own phone plan, and haggling over the most critical purchase: 65” LED TV’s.
Oops. Running out of cash? (Now that’s some reality!)
Time for a trip to the bank for budgeting advice.
The students were excited to learn how to plan today to avoid surprises after they graduate.
And look out! The wheel of misfortune placed more than one student in handcuffs (yup, real handcuffs with a real police officer) for DUI, causing them to miss out on their date, the prom, and more…
Some lessons just... can’t be unlearned!
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