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APRIL 30, 2022
ATTENTION NEEDHAM RESIDENTS:  Do you want to support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in our community?
The Rotary Club of Needham, along with multiple other service clubs in town, is raising money in support of children whose families can’t afford to have them attend the “Summer Bridges/Summer Playgrounds” summer school program this year.  In talking with the principals of Newman and Eliot, they told us the biggest thing we could do to help with Equity and Inclusion would be to support the summer school program.  They told us that it really helps the kids who are struggling to keep from backsliding over the summer.  
The Needham Schools provides the classes (Summer Bridges) for free.  That is only a half-day program though so Park and Rec has created Summer Playgrounds to give the kids something to do in the afternoon while their parents are at work.  Without the Summer Playgrounds program, it would be hard for many kids to participate in the Summer Bridges program.  Having said that, it costs money to sign up for the Park and Rec Summer Playgrounds program, which some families just don’t have.  SO, we are raising money to provide scholarships so that any student that needs summer school can participate, even if they can’t afford it.
We have the Boosters in town and they do a wonderful job of providing scholarships so students that can’t afford the athletic fees can participate in school sports.  Shouldn’t we have a similar mechanism to make sure the town’s students are getting the educational support they need to succeed in our schools?
We need to raise $15,000 pretty quickly.  Please help today by sending a check for whatever you can afford, made out to The Rotary Club of Needham, with “Summer Bridges” on the memo line.  Mail your check to The Rotary Club of Needham, PO Box 920009, Needham, MA 02492.